Knowledge comes by with the Elevation of Awareness

Pure presence is the source of true knowledge. Empty your mind. Enjoy the mystery of the silent space, remove the content, the confusion and return to the nothing where all somethings are born.
Make it a quest to keep opening to this creative space. Develop rhythm with this wonder of wonders – walk with it, enjoy the pauses throughout your day, allow your self to be nourished by it, vitiate the ordinary and be awe bound with every moment.
Remove the content, the confusion and return to the refuge of nothing, where all things are born.
To touch it and keep touching it.

The Transference Of Attention

Here we have the art of focused will and the purity of observation. When we relax the awareness into the intended we become like a skilled archer.

Your body and mind is a matrix of energy, this matrix is the blueprint, that comes from your bloodline, your environment and how you perceive your environment. Man lives outside of himself, his will has become a mechanical will, his life stream follows a unconscious blueprint.

This card is about awakening to the fifth element, that makes man the crown and glory of all creation, in which he has fallen from. The fifth element is the ether element, the void, the creative space. This card and deck is about awakening to this element and being a conscious designer, opening and strengthening this function. It is a matter of conscious will, transforming the mechanical will to an evolutionary will.

Let us now look at the entry-point, our relationship with the creative and our ability to project something great into the future. The Who? The two Questions that the mind can never figure out. These two questions do something very mysterious to the mind, observe the subtlety and breathe into it.

Who am i?
What is this body made of?

These questions stop the mind in it’s tracks and opens it up to a living stream. The mind gets a sense of what it has truly been searching for outside of itself. It is a matter of transference of attention coupled with a living feeling. When we awaken to the creative and the ego becomes a disciple to this essence, we will bring gold into this age. You want to elevate your life stream on all levels, connect to this element and knit into the fabric of your mind, health and dharma this love affair and let the small self be like a flower opening to receive it’s true nourishment, thus growing and releasing its aroma into the atmosphere.

The jewel you have been looking for, is right in your own pocket. It is really good to keep God very close. The fish that is looking for the ocean, realizes that is already in the ocean. It is a matter of transference of attention. When we awaken to this transference to the creative, we have the ability to knit into our minds, bodies and the world a golden thread. Man and Woman will return to their rightful place as the crown and glory. The three jewels in their crown are light, love and life.

Awaken to the creative and let old paradigms dissipate like a faded dream.

The Warriors Delight is a inquiry book designed to pull the reader into the matrix of their own being,  gaining access to the wisdom that each day is offering; cultivate the purity of observation and awaken to the extraordinary in the simple things; thus elevating our life streams.

We are challenged to empty our cup so we can drink the choice wine, realizing that we know what we know, we don’t know what we don’t know; what we know is just a small drop in the mighty ocean and that there is a great potential waiting for our glance.

It is about awakening to our Golden compass, that we attune to the essence of what we are here to do and knowing the bliss of the soul adventurer.

The Golden Compass

– To synchronize our thinking with our feeling.
– To open the gates of the creative to penetrate into being.
– Giving rise to fulfillment of soul; insight, clarity, inspiration, enthusiasm reform direction.

What was once asleep wakens in our hearts elevating our will to a more refined becoming, thus we learn the art of the joyous learner and a great message resounds through space and time.

Through igniting and strengthening a thousand fold reviving hope to all who is listening.

Can this be so? Vitiate everything you know and return to innocence. The art of death. That we be open to the freshness of being.

The question is the receptive, the answer is the illumination.

Know this art of using the receptive to produce the illumination and the illumination to produce the receptive.

Man is constantly broadcasting and receiving, when we become aware of this art and take in affect the 20/80, vision broadens into the 80; we kiss the bird and fly with it!