– To synchronize our thinking with our feeling.
– To open the gates of the creative to penetrate into being.
– Giving rise to fulfillment of soul; insight, clarity, inspiration, enthusiasm reform direction.

What was once asleep wakens in our hearts elevating our will to a more refined becoming, thus we learn the art of the joyous learner and a great message resounds through space and time.

Through igniting and strengthening a thousand fold reviving hope to all who is listening.

Can this be so? Vitiate everything you know and return to innocence. The art of death. That we be open to the freshness of being.

The question is the receptive, the answer is the illumination.

Know this art of using the receptive to produce the illumination and the illumination to produce the receptive.

Man is constantly broadcasting and receiving, when we become aware of this art and take in affect the 20/80, vision broadens into the 80; we kiss the bird and fly with it!